[bio'nd] Consumption
We encounter products from the bioeconomy in our everyday lives today as well as in the near future: food packaging in the supermarket, urban agriculture directly in our neighborhoods, biofuel for cars or planes, or newly built furniture and houses made of biobased materials. But can bioeconomic production and consumption methods change our everyday life in a "sustainable" manner? Can the bioeconomy ultimately support us to consume more ethically and sustainably, both locally and globally?
We asked experts about their perspectives based on their respective fields of work, with which they address various aspects of consumption. What do you think about these perspectives? Feel invited to leave us your comments and questions in the comments section of each video on YouTube.
Interview with Björn Gutschmann (TU Berlin)
Bioplastics – completely degradable
Interview with Jonas Daldrup (denkhausbremen)
Sufficiency – bioeconomy within planetary boundaries
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