[bio'nd] Food
How we eat determines how we shape our planet. But how are our eating culture and ecological sustainability related? How do we influence health and environment through our eating behavior? How can we supply a growing world population with sufficient healthy food, while conserving resources?

Based on these questions, the Speculative Futures Meetup '[bio'nd] x Food Fiction' and the cooking & prototyping workshop 'Cooking the Future Workshop were designed and implemented, together with the Center for Responsible Research and Innovation (CeRRI) of the Fraunhofer IAO. Accompanying the workshops, the exhibition 'Food Fiction' of Fraunhofer CeRRi was presented in the experimental field for participation and open science of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin.

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Meat from the lab or the 3D printer? Vegetable protein sources from algae or lupines? Vegetables that have been genetically modified with biotechnologies for specific properties? What will the future of food look like in the light of all these possibilities and developments? As alternatives to conventional animal and vegetable protein sources, grocery stores are increasingly offering products with ingredients based on new raw material sources and production processes.

Speculative Futures Berlin explores visionary approaches that use design and foresight to imagine potential futures by showcasing creative projects, far out research, prototypes, and tangible strategies for change. We host speakers – topics range from science, society, sustainability to name a few – to talk about their work and methods. Initiated in 2017 by Ellery Studio, the Berlin chapter is now the largest interest group for speculative design and foresight in Europe.

‘Food Fictions project leader Lynn Harles takes you behind the scenes of the project and the use of speculative (food) design methodologies in a scientific context. Dodo Vögler from Ellery Studio will be introducing [Bio'nd] and providing insight into future studies and speculative design.
How we eat helps determine how we shape our planet. But how are our food culture and environmental sustainability actually connected?
In the Cooking the Future Workshop, possible science-based scenarios are presented and jointly developed further. The question “What does the future taste like?” will be literally explored: all participants will receive a ‘Future Food Box with ingredients that will be developed into edible and individual prototypes in a common digital format. The format also provides insights into future food systems and innovations and highlights possible new food trends.
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