[bio'nd] Nature
Keywords such as "genome editing", "CRISPR/Cas9", "synthetic biology" and "biohacking" are used in the media to address human intervention in "nature". These terms refer to biotechnologies with which organisms can be modified or created. In agriculture, plants can be genetically modified to make them more resistant to drought, heat or disease. Against the background of ethical and political debates, the development of the bioeconomy must weigh up the opportunities and risks of which biotechnologies and to what extent they should be used.

We approached the often abstract questions and contexts surrounding the use of biotechnologies through a zine workshop. The results are presented in the following in a zine gallery.
ZINE Gallery
Zines – derived from magazines – are small, handmade and photocopied publications. This makes them an uncomplicated medium to visualize, duplicate and share ideas with others. All participants of the zine workshop have created one zine each. In this process they were simultaneously authors, editors and publishers of their creative reflections on the relationship between humans and nature against the background of the (speculative and spectacular) use of biotechnologies.
Workshop insights
Photos: © Bonnie Dietermann
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Returning to nature in six simple steps
© Sofia Ribadeneira

Crab Hands
© Julia Zimmermann

Erschaffe Leben in 3 einfachen Schritten
Create life in 3 simple steps

Im Einklang
in harmony
© Leyla Sehar-Madauß

Natur – Die Reflexion eines Stadtkindes
nature – The reflection of a city child
© David Ramirez Fernandez

Sometimes it works
© Ann Bahrs

Jahrgang 3020
cohort 3020
© Veronika Golyak